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Our tribute season begins...

This season is a very special one as we celebrate Gary and all that he brought to our lives through dance. As many of you know, we lost Gary suddenly to a stroke in March 2016.

We held auditions for our GGDC Ensemble on October 23 and were pleasantly surprised to see so many dancers who hadn't danced with us for awhile, all former students, who returned because they wanted to be a part of a season which will honor and celebrate Gary. We also have special performers returning to Springfield to perform in some of the works.

The auditions were a great success and more than 40 dancers, teens and adults, round out our 16/17 GGDC Ensemble and will be performing Gary's signature works in modern, jazz and tap. Cast lists were posted and each dancer has an opportunity to perform.

Rehearsal Director, Tiffany Lobertini, will be leading all of the rehearsals for Gary's modern works with weekly rehearsals. And Rehearsal Director Cindy Griffin will be leading all the rehearsals for Gary's signature tap pieces.

What an amazing ensemble and we look forward to seeing their progress as Gary's works come together.

Stay tuned for more info...

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