Reopening Procedures - Summer 2020


  1. 6 foot social distancing will be implemented throughout the school.

  2. 12 foot social distancing will be applied in studios during class time.

  3. Studios will be sanitized by the instructor before and between each class period.

  4. Students and instructors will arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before class fully dressed for their class; this does not include footwear. Changing areas are discouraged.

  5. Only one adult per student during drop-off and pick-up. No siblings unless absolutely necessary.

  6. Parents must wait outside of the school during class periods.

  7. All students will sign a waiver of liability/assumption of risk form.  

  8. All students, before entering their class will use hand sanitizer, have their temperature taken, recorded and will complete the health questionnaire

  9. All instructors will use hand sanitizer,  have their temperature taken upon arrival and complete the health questionnaire. Temperatures will be recorded.

  10. Hand sanitizer will be provided in the office and the studios.

  11. Students and instructors must stay home if you are not feeling well in any way.

  12. All high touch surfaces throughout the school will be deep cleaned before arrival of students and after hours, this includes restrooms.

  13. Routine disinfection of high-contact surfaces and office, this includes restrooms.

  14. Masks must be worn by all staff until class begins and the door to the studio is closed.

  15. Limited use of restrooms, only 1 person at a time.

  16. Class size will be limited.

  17. Students and instructors are asked to bring their own water bottles. The water fountain will be closed.

  18. Masks are mandatory in the school and office areas. We ask that students wear masks into the studio.  Once class begins, the instructor will close the door and students may remove their masks.  Only the instructor may open the door and students will put their masks on before the door is opened.

  19. Taped areas will indicate waiting spaces and dance spaces in studios.

  20. Only one other person in the office with office staff.

  21. No late arrivals.

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